Very excited to be playing in the podcast realm - as it allows me to take my love for cars, motorsport and the motoring industry in general, and dig a little deeper, hit a little harder and be a little more candid in bringing you current content from the industry.

And the winner is...does the motor industry really need Car Awards?

April 24, 2020

COTY or Car of the Year Awards exist in most markets and many have been around for many years. The World Car of the Year started in 2004 and sees 82 motoring media from around the world selecting a globally representative overall winner as well as the top picks in 5 categories. Here in South Africa,

But the motoring landscape has changed and that was before COVID19 hit the global reset button. The traditional big motor shows are all but dead, so is there still a need for the motoring equivalent of the Academy Awards? Perhaps the future does lie with the more consumer focused, publication specific awards which seem to be popping up everywhere.
In South Africa, the COTY Awards in recent years has sparked some fierce debate around its relevance to the average consumer, as most winners are way beyond the reach of most of the buying public. And it was no different when this years winner was revealed - the Jaguar I-PACE - a car that has literally won every award there is to win!
So to weigh in on the debate and side step the landmines are 3 well respected motoring scribes:
Mark Smyth - former Editor, Business Day Motoring now UK based.
Sean Nurse - Editor, Autodealer
Ian McLaren - Senior Associate Editor, CAR Magazine

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